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Agnes D. Herdiasti was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on February 15. She earned her M.A. in Theatre and Film from the University of Kansas, USA, in 2007. She taught drama and play performance in the English Language Education Study Program, Sanata Dharma University, August 2000 – May 2008.

no pleasantness in your life?
Dramaturgy and play directing were her areas of specialization in theatre. She directed, among others, Us and Them (David Campton), A Lie of The Mind (Sam Shepard), Silence and Ashes to Ashes (Harold Pinter).


But that was in the past.

Agnes currently lives in Bali, Indonesia, enjoying working in hospitality industry as a Communications & PR Manager at a hotel corporate. Her current passion includes social media and company blogging. You can read her contributions in Sun Island Bali Hotels blog and she contributes to the content of Sun Island Bali‘s website.

Need a press release or ghost writer? Contact her! 🙂



Public relations    Copywriting

Creative social media / social media  campaigns

Corporate communications

Mobile social media marketing

Press releases   Blogging   Media relations

Advertising   Property pre-opening

Website content development    TripAdvisor


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