Mondy Story

ImageYou may be haters, and that alone may not be harmful.

But if you do things to harm what/who you hate, what does that make of you?

My daughter Olga adopted Mondy when that little puppy was only one month old, on one Monday afternoon. That’s how she got the name.

Mondy grows well loved, and the look in her eyes says that she’s a secured happy puppy who barks only when she must. From the way my daughter treats her, I have the feeling that Mondy can’t even tell that she’s a different species. She’s ‘girlish’ and kind to human beings and to other animals she meets and plays with.

Today, I received shocking news: Mondy got poisoned! Olga panicked and cried. She doesn’t look good at all. I think she’s going to die! Olga said. On her BlackBerry Messenger status she wrote: God, please cure Mondy!

Olga’s father (my ex) was away in Kalimantan on a project, and I – since I live in Bali and my daughter in Jogja – couldn’t do much except trying to calm her down. My ex called his friend to come to the house and do something to help. I texted my brother who lives in Jogja. My brother – a natural animal lover and ‘dad’ of four small puppies – called Olga on the phone to tell her what to do. Run to the nearest warung and buy white milk! he said. Give it to Mondy and make her vomit! Olga, teary eyed, did everything my brother was telling her. Luckily enough, my brother’s girlfriend is a vet and she happened to be in town, so she and my brother rushed to see Mondy’s condition. She gave Mondy a shot to protect her organs from being affected by the nasty poison.

Mondy’s looking much better now. She just ate and drank green coconut water. My brother said. FYI, green coconut water is believed to have a neutralizing effect in poisoning cases. So, we’ll see in hours to come. My daughter Olga could smile a little bit.

If only dog haters in this country were willing to learn, they’ll see that dogs can be more human than some real human beings. Don’t just look at their fangs, their paws, or their disgusting saliva. When you are sad, they sit quietly looking at you. They feel what you feel.

On her current BBM status, Olga writes: Get well soon, my Mondy! *hug* 

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