My wish list – in random order


  1. Smoking on a rooftop with my crush
  2. A Samsung Tab
  3. A NOAH album
  4. Visiting Gina in Costa Rica
  5. Visiting Susana Mariscal in Bolivia
  6. Visiting Eta in Semarang
  7. Owning a house with rooms to rent
  8. Owning an art & hospitality school
  9. A beagle or a pug
  10. Being a guest lecturer in return of a lunch!
  11. Work that includes a convenient housing
  12. Giving a scholarship
  13. Writing a book or two
  14. Visiting Boston (again)
  15. Seeing George
  16. Traveling around the world with Olga
  17. Remarried (with an extremely insightful, charming, good-smelling guy)
  18. Owning an online doll boutique/shop (a sex toy shop, maybe? hehehehe)
  19. Visiting the set of “Bridges of Madison County”
  20. Watching Cirque du Soleil
  21. Producing a contemporary theatrical performance about Indonesian culture
  22. A car with a driver
  23. A pink wrist watch
  24. A 2 day-reunion with Netri, Ana, Yoke, Etty, etc
  25. Sharing a stage one more time with Cici, Ninog, Bimo and Mas Yudi
  26. Visiting Lincoln Memorial (once again)

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