A nice coffee shop is…

I’m a PR, so how can I not be social? On the other hand, I enjoy doing things by myself. What the hell am I trying to say? I mean to say that if you have a local, non-Starbucks coffee shop business, you have a chance to make good business with me. I visit coffee shops quite often, especially if I have a good company who appreciates private no-talk-to-each-other time even when we sit at the same table because each of us is fixated on our own gadget. That’s about how social I am.

Do I care about the quality of the coffee, tea and cheese cake offered by a coffee shop? Of course. That’s why I don’t normally go to Starbucks (unless someone matters in my life insists) or Cafe Moka (that has terrible cheese cake and hot tea that’s not hot enough) even though they are popular in any Bali dining directory. I like a place that is underrated because of its business scale or location, not because of its quality. It’s hard to find a place like Henry’s or Aimee’s – the small coffee shops in downtown Lawrence, Kansas,US – here in Bali. The reason is because Bali is too commercial for a small scale, local, non-chain coffee shop business to exist and survive. For this, I praise Warung Italia and Massimo for selling only what they are good at, including coffee and gelato. The downside of these places are they are not designed for comfortable web surfing.
I don’t think that I will be able to run a coffee shop business, but here’s what I thought a nice coffee shop should have:
  • Good quality products, including cheese cake if it is on the menu. Sell only what you are really good at! 
  • Comfortable seating (some cute sofas wouldn’t hurt)
  • Fast wireless Internet
  • Good, easy listening music (no Kenny G, please!)
  • Staff that appreciate high degree of quietness (Honey & Bread Nusa Dua needs to train their staff to stop singing along with the music!)
  • Non-mainstream location (cross out Kuta completely!)
  • Reasonable prices, naturally
Please contact me if you know such a nice coffee shop. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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