Even the most understanding soul needs comfort food…

I am not by any means the most understanding person in the world. By ‘world’, I mean my small circles of kinship, friendship, or work. I just enjoy exercising my brain by looking into people’s personalities, trying to connect the dots how certain personalities tend to react under certain circumstances. Even when I do it earnestly, without pretense, in some cases it can be tiresome. Especially in a situation where you know what’s going on, but for some reason you should keep the knowledge for yourself in the name of harmony. The idea of being a harmony keeper, and not exactly a harmonizer, is something I often detest. Maybe this is why some people tend to eat more when they are stressful. Comfort food is harmony keeper’s best friend! This kind of food helps stabilize the psyche, whatever the physical impact is. And tonight, my best friend is not Sherly or any of my colleagues; my best friend tonight is a bowl of oxtail soup from Warung Ahong, Jimbaran.

The oxtail soup (without rice) at Warung Ahong is IDR35,000, much less expensive than the one in MM Juice, and more homey. Warung Ahong doesn’t always have the best of everything. I like their seafood fried rice, but their ‘kweetiaw’ (large rice noodles) tasted like the Indian Ocean the last time I had it. S-A-L-T-Y. Their ‘karedok’ (fresh vegetable salad in peanut sauce) is not special. My neighbor Sherly always – like ALWAYS – orders sauteed beef vegetables. I know, we have to try more varieties!
Oxtail soup always reminds me of my late Mbahti, grandma who made the best oxtail soup in the world: with the best oxtail, diced potatoes, and lots of red beans! The oxtail soup from Warung Ahong is far from perfection, but for a moment I feel that life is worth living anyway. I’m not sure if harmony has been restored, maybe that should wait. I just know that I should go to bed earlier tonight and bounce back in the morning. Good night, loves!

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