What’s on your plate, and what’s not? I wanna know!

If what you eat defines who you are, what you don’t eat completes the picture. My neighbor Sherly eats a lot of vegetables and avoids McD, KFC, and the likes at all costs, even though they are the closest to your door after your empty fridge. Sherly doesn’t use tap water for brushing her teeth and washing her hair, let alone drinking. She buys water in gallons from a supplier. Thanks to her, I also subscribe to water gallons for drinking. Tap water is fine with me for washing hair and brushing teeth, and once in a while, I still eat junk.

So, those are the rough pictures of Sherly and me seen from some of what we decide to do and not do. Can you read our personalities? Roughly and partially, yes. It is easier to read someone from what they consume, because they are usually tangible. If you’re interested in trying to get into someone’s personality, I would suggest that you also try to find out about what they do NOT consume. What can you see in someone who only drinks sweetened drinks (and tends to avoid plain water), smokes two packs of cigarettes (sometimes more but never less), and indulges himself in fatty and fried food (and skips vegetables) beyond physical consequences, such as possible bloated stomach and high cholesterol? Could we at least say something about his low level of self discipline? Can’t jump into a decision too quickly, but details like those are also hard to ignore, are they not?
Some people change their diets along the way, so this is also interesting to study. The ‘why’s’ behind the decisions to consume things and not consume other things can say something about someone’s character, or a change in character, in the case of a changed diet. Given that people have the choices, of course. Let me tell you of what I have quit consuming: cigarettes (since 3 years ago). I used to have two or three glasses of coffee a day; now the number is reduced to one (since one month ago). I used to be matter of fact about drinking water; now I spend IDR3,500 (45 cents) every day for a bottle of 1.5 liter water to be consumed at work. What can you tell about me, apart from the slight financial change in my wallet? Skip that. Now, what can you tell about you from what’s NOT on your plate?

2 thoughts on “What’s on your plate, and what’s not? I wanna know!

  1. Talking about food that we consume, I do agree that what I eat defines me partly. A year ago, I tried to consume less meat and consume more vegetables. The fact was I could ONLY stand of not eating meat about a week and I felt quite weak. Changing ways of eating is one the toughest jobs to do for me. Luckily I was raised as a non-smoker guy by my family.

  2. Hi, Weni. I don't normally strict myself in terms of what I consume, either. I eat what I feel like eating within moderation. As for smoking habit, I got tired of it, not so much because of the health-related issues, except that it really affected the skin, but more because it hurt my wallet! 😀 Thank you for reading and sharing your experience!

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