My buddy Lo

When I was in college, over 15 years ago (darn it, I’m old!), I caught a very bad cold with nasty coughs. One of my best friends, Lani, gave me a super-tiny jar of super-super tiny Chinese pills, a box of chrysanthemum tea, and this oriental looking green box with “Lo Han Kuo Infusion” inscription on it. Lani, a Chinese descendant, said that these trio would help end my suffering. They did.

The Chinese pills, we can forget. I think my friend Lani got them from her great, great grandmother in China or something. Chrysanthemum tea is not the topic of the day either. It is my buddy Lo Han Kuo that I want to introduce you to, in case you have not met this low-key healer. Lo Han Kuo Infusion (the word ‘infusion’ evokes my memories of these Chinese martial art series of the 80’s) is sold in major supermarkets and drugstores. Lo Han Kuo fruits are cultivated in Southern China; they are processed to make small blocks that are packed individually. Well, at least, that is the most common Lo Han Kuo that I know. Take one or two blocks, and dissolve it into a glass of hot water to make tea. The sucrose in Lo gives it its mild fruity sweetness. When I have a sore throat or any other cold symptoms, I don’t drink anything else but Lo Han Kuo. I sometimes  replace my regular tea with Lo not (only) because it makes me feel like Beatrix Kiddo, but because Lo simply tastes good.

I don’t remember how many friends of mine I have recommended Lo to. The last person is the new girl in the office who, since her first day of work, had coughed incessantly for days. Being the person sharing an office with her, I couldn’t rely on my iPod to keep concentrating on my monitor when someone sitting next to me suffered that much. So, I introduced Lo to her. If it didn’t cure, at least it proved to give a relieving effect on the itched throat. The next day, the coughs were gone.

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