Saved by the beer!

From November 2011 to Mid April 2012, I worked at home, and this totally changed my sleeping hours. Because I was the one who set my own deadlines, I let myself go to bed early morning, and wake up late. I was the bat girl, really. Then this should change when I got a 9 to 5 job. There was no other way: I had to end my ‘alive at night and dead in the morning’ habit. I only had less than a week to reset my sleeping hours. Shoot! I started to panic.

An idea came to me: cough syrup before normal bed time. This would make me drowsy and fall asleep. But then I feared that it could become addictive, so I thought this should be the last resort. Days passed me by without any success. I stayed up till morning, still. I only got three nights left before my first day of work.

Help came when I started to tweet my concern. A friend replied: ‘Try beer. Always works.” So the next day, I went to Circle K and bought myself Bintang Beer, the big one. At 8:00 pm I drank and finished it in 15 minutes. I fell asleep an hour afterwards. Sleeping hours reset! To seal my success, I repeated the process in the next evening.

I think one of my recent achievements is I managed to be a morning person. With help of my Blackberry alarm, of course. Gone are days when I woke up feeling beaten up. And no more beer needed for a loud and clear,  “Rise and shine!”

PS. I tweeted and mentioned my friend, saying thanks for her brilliant suggestion. “Bintang works!” I said. Then she replied, “Well, Heineken works even better!” Doesn’t matter. To me, if I can go local, I’ll go local.

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