From Hero to Zero, to ME!

May 2008. I moved to Bali as an ‘undercover agent’. From ‘somebody’ to ‘nobody’. A ‘hero’ falling from grace. That was pretty much how my situation was. I had a promising career as a college professor, got my MA and all, then…. BAM! Some illusionist turned me into no one. That illusionist was me.

It was not very easy to lead a life as an ‘undercover’. I wasn’t who I had been, because in this place, no one knew nor care of what I had achieved. And me? I lost the case completely. I lost appetite to even trying to prove myself. I sat on a throne when I was still teaching; I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was superior in the eyes of my students. They believed what I had to say. Well… talking in general, of course! But in Bali, I was a rookie in the hospitality business. I was a rookie in everything Bali. I was a rookie in humbleness.
May 2012. I think I’m in control again. I hold my pen, richer in perspectives, yet humbler. 

2 thoughts on “From Hero to Zero, to ME!

  1. Bu Dwina, I am your secret admirer loh…dan sangat kagum dengan keberanian plus 'kenekadan' keluar dari comfort zone. Very few people have courage to do that (meskipun saya ngga tahu exactly kenapa bu Dwina ga tetao berada di singgasana yang dulu…

  2. hahaha… thanks a lot, Wiwik! A huge blow in my life then, I had to find my balance, even though it had to be against the grain. Kalau kita berjodoh bisa ketemu lagi suatu saat, I will tell you. 🙂

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