Your smile is genuine!

There are ways that married men do to make single women smile, not to mention at a work place. This guy is a colleague of mine and he just learned the word fake a couple of days ago. Then, by himself, he managed to find some words whose meanings opposite to that word.  This morning for some (decent) reason, he took my picture while I was working with my computer. He said he needed it because I will move to another company in less than 2 weeks. Then, he emailed the picture he just took to me.  I opened and there he wrote, under my picture, “Your smile is genuine!” Who doesn’t smile at this cheap, silly flirtation. That was perhaps the best he could do to us.

These married men. What they wished they could do, but couldn’t.  So why not have a little fun with these “unbroken rules.?” Why don’t you go out with me for a date? Hello, gorgeous. Oh, Monica… I dare not call you Agnes after my neighbor’s sickly dog.  You will be driven to madness if you feel sick of all of these shits they’re telling you.  It doesn’t hurt, really, to allow these poor fellows some fresh air. Who doesn’t like attention?

These tame, sweet, adorable married men. Trust me, they know their place. Like knowing you’re out of their league. Well, only one in 1oo cases they would try to break the rules by doing things you’d despise. I was stalked by one of my male colleagues once – and since then we haven’t talked to each other. That’s the penalty for wanting more than you could afford. The other married men and I can entertain each other by our mere presence and a huge dose of joy.

These married men make me smile. Can I borrow your computer since I can’t borrow you? And although I don’t have Julia Roberts’ firts-rate big smile, I smile, genuinely.

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