Beware of Street Dogs in Bali!

If there’s anything I hate about Bali, it’s its street dogs. I was quite in shock to see how many of them straying on the streets when I first got here. There are too many stories I’ve heard of people running over dogs, even killed by them. A friend of a friend recently died after a very unfortunate crash that involved a street dog.

This morning it almost happened to me. It was 7:20 a.m. and I was on my way to work. I usually ran my motorbike on 60 or 70 km/hr, but I was on 50 km/hr when that stupid brown Balinese dog ran across the street, just about 3 metres away from my running bike. Considering how I felt about dead animals (I have a dead-creature phobia – whatever that is), I had no option but pulling both my left and right brakes. It was an automatic motorbike known for its lame right brake, so my choice of using it cost me a fall onto the ground.

Anyways, I’m alive with just barely noticeable scratches on my left elbow and knee. But street dogs are real threat if you’re a motorbiker in Bali, because there are too many of them, and not too brainy either!

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