I hate Oprah

I don’t mind you hating me because I hate Oprah. She’s been doing great things, yeah, lots of people do. But this is a woman in constant thirst for applause and hunger to be wowed by a mass of audience. She has the power for that, sure. She is in the right place in the first place: USA – the land of dreamers and shortcuts to happiness. Big deal. Last night’s edition was no different. With a saintly expression on her face, she gave out beach bags to the whole audience. Not empty, of course not! If you happened to be in the audience, you’d have an 11 something dollar beach towel (not too fancy, huh?), the new CD of Robin Thicke (I don’t get it, really), a personalized pair of sunglasses (hmmm…), an iPod Nano (applaud, please!), and an iPod waterproof casing (wait… what’s those screams for? That’s what I call anti-climax).

I don’t really keep up with what she does, but here’s a couple of scary things she did in the past.

  1. Producing Toni Morrison’s Beloved, and acting in it as Sethe!!! What the hell was she thinking? She turned this beautiful story into trash!
  2. Giving the most phony eulogy to Mrs Luther-King. Cut the crap, people don’t act sad in such a moment!

How super-annoying, obnoxiously narcissistic individual Oprah is! And you sit there in front of TV watching her every night? What’s wrong with you?

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