Top 10 iTunes Countdown and what it means :)

Silly but funny thing I just did and I’d like to recommend you to do! Check the most-played songs on your iTunes or the like, and try to remember why they ended up there. Try your best to be honest. Here’s my top 10.

10. On Golden Pond by David Benoit. This beautiful song reminds me of Yudhi, my senior in college, a pianist, my dear “brother,” who “unearthed” my singing skill.

9. Superman by Five for Fighting. This is quite a surprise. I never thought I ever favorited this song, though I felt sorry for the guy in it.

8. Breath by Breaking Benjamin. Hmmm… perhaps the hatred “cause I will be the death of you…”?? Dunno.

7. My Immortal by Evanescence. I was that depressed, yes.

6. Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin. Loved the music! Loved the lyric! …and the fact that I WAS polyamorous! (I married Sean Penn, James McAvoy, and Daniel Craig… I refuse to believe that he’s a gay!)

5. Pachelbel’s Canon in D by Eileen Ivers. If the song has color, it is definitely yellow! The song turns me into a happy child.

4. Unplayed Piano by Damian Rice. The song is indeed beautiful… but my days must have been boring then, I’m pretty sure of it.

3. Good is Good by Sheryll Crow. I was trying to help myself, of course! Somehow to my Indnesian ear, it sounds like “God is God, and bed is bed…” It’s comforting, I fell asleep right away.

2. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. I imagined myself doing that to man worth all the efforts! I still do. 😉

1. So Long, So Long by Dashboard Confessional. Here’s a confession: the last boy friend I had broke my heart so terribly, mostly because I knew he was an a**hole. No, a damn hot a**hole!

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