How many times have I heard the cliche saying that people meet each other for a reason? Many. The first person directly told me this was the director/actor/poet/translator, Landung Simatupang. So much as I cherish the moment I met this inspirational man and how much I was enlightened and transformed (from an ugly duckling to a… platypus???) I couldn’t help myself from taking the risk of questioning. To me, it’s not to find out what role we play in each other’s world, but rather, it’s a matter of significance. Because life is short, baby. We don’t have that much time to waste, or many dreams to swallow. We roll on, yes, but we also hit and crash, bruising ourselves on the way. Nonetheless, I dare not say that I have not been lucky thus far..

Still, I found what happened recently weird. It relates to the “psycho” who became the heroin/villain in my previous post. Like in the movie “Crash,” or even “Breaking and Entering,” we finally met each other – head to head. We talked, mostly about her problems. Honestly, I was tired of wrapping myself in that same ol shrinkish costume, but I gave in to my (O Lord!) kindness or, perhaps, pure curiosity. I was actually in a small crisis myself at the moment, but at least, I wasn’t the one who needed serious help from others (yet! D’oh). Her problems were given different perspectives by somebody who’d had too much drama in her life. So, in short, there was a spark of hope that things would start turning better for the heroin.

That made me wonder of my significance in her life. She didn’t produce any good explanation to why she chose me to sit there – all ears. It was just a curious thought, and I never blush for having such a thought (should I??) I was aware that I made a little difference in her small universe. But I am still a skeptic, and a tired skeptic I am. Your head is what saves you at the end of the day. Her problem shouldn’t be mine, and I’ll make sure it won’t. I have played “saving the damsel-in-distress” thing in a few people’s lives, and that’s enough, at least for now. Getting to know new people is a tiring business these days, so I’ll send my invites on another day.

P.S. I was ecstatic to have met Widya again after so long. It was truly an uplift to find in each other that, well, we’re still hot, fantastic, fabulous, and ass-kicking awesome! Now, that was SIGNIFICANT!!! 😀

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