Ignore, clicked!

Not paying attention can sometimes be the most generous thing one could possibly do to someone else. I am not mainly defending my cruel act, I am also doing it on behalf of those who did this to me. The reason is simple: to minimize unwanted consequences (of paying attention, of course!)

Take this as an example. Refusing to give good advice to a nagging friend may grant her a moment, first, of hating you (which shouldn’t be too painful for you); second, of making herself a little bit useful; and third, of giving you some peace of mind. Another example, silly as it may sound, not replying a text message from your secret lover may grant you some easy time with your wife – even though you cannot forget the moment you canoodled with your lover just last night. Besides, secret lovers all over the world know the rule of the game all right.

The reason why I wrote this was because I was annoyed by some anonymous text messages some stupid maniac had sent me recently. I replied the first message only to receive even more idiotic messages. So, I decided to stop giving her what she wants. I refused to feed her ego with my exhibit of concerns. Her? Yep. I know who she is, I just pretend otherwise. I found it out soon enough after some Scotland-Yard-ish investigation. We’ll find out if this “delete and ignore” treatment works with this drama queen. We’ll see if this will make her stop her sending messages. Jeez, these loonies…

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