The jumping jack

A British man jumped off a balcony on the 21st floor and landed on a playground on the 5th floor of an apartment building in Jakarta! Here’s what ticked me. His laptop traveled with him in the lethal short trip. Reported was the guy was a journalist, so it made sense his attachment to his laptop must have been great. But to climb on your balcony railing with it was such a mischievous action. Especially when you are on a sky scrapper! But it turned out that it wasn’t unexplainable. The guy was high, drugs found in his blood. So, was it a happy landing, after all? There’s no urgency to find the answer. But still, I had a weird feeling. The poor guy lived in the apartment complex where I stayed for a few days at. The incident happened just one day after I left. I walked around the playground where his body was found dead, only a couple of days ago. It reminded me again that things can go completely wrong only in a matter of seconds. Yesterday, a friend told me that her hub had slapped her across the face out of jealousy, and this is the person whom I always thought of having the most decent, happy, simple life anyone could hope for.

I don’t know. I just feel… weird.

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