About… Ashes

I used Pinter’s 1996 piece, Ashes to Ashes, as the third discussion material in my drama class. I couldn’t hide my excitement to my students, of how close this play is to my heart. It’s my darling, my precious baby: it’s the experience of revelation that I got from reading and directing it. Also, it’s the longing of a lover wanting to swim into immensity, at whatever cost. I know this could scare my students away (Especially after I bombarded them with The Zoo Story and The Bald Soprano! Don’t I love trouble?) Anyways, if anything, I don’t want to be remembered as a good teacher. 😉

I’ve got nothing to lose for being passionate about my likings. This is my last semester in the department I love so much. I have experienced leaving, and being left by, things I loved. Besides, I don’t see it as anything shameful or lamentable. Being an academician is not worth more than being, say, a clerk who can still spare time to read and write for pleasure, and go to beauty salon once a month. Maybe I have lost faith in certain big things, but I’m a believer in miniscule miracles.

“Why do you like Ashes to Ashes?” someone asked. I guess it’s the essence of pure desperation, being down to point zero, which leads to forgiveness and comprehension (I suddenly remembered Breaking and Entering. I’m sad that Minghella’s gone.)

[Pics by Ivan Pisarev]

4 thoughts on “About… Ashes

  1. haduw, ternyata ini blog-nya miss dwina ya..
    mY drama class lecture ^_^

    ashes to ashes? ini kayaknya lebih sulit dari the bald soprano kmaren…hehe
    masih tetep absurdism lagi ya?knapa sih suka banget ma absurdism??

    oia, test 3 besok jangan susah2 ya miss…hehe

  2. eits, ada mahasiswaku kelayapan kemari! bagus!!

    AA emang lebih sulit dari BS tapi lebih asyik to? nggak tahu deh kenapa suka ama yang absurd ya? mungkin kaya ngisi TTS atau main puzzle gitu rasanya. 😀

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