You’re no friend of mine…

The article about anomalous Indonesians on Kompas today coincidentally responded to a before-teaching discussion I had with Mita and Chosa two days ago. We hated to see a young family who had three or more kids on a moped, and we can see this a lot on our streets. In a city like Jogjakarta, cars come after mopeds and public buses as a means of transportation. Besides economic reason, our streets are generally narrow and the city itself is densely populated – putting mopeds or motorbikes in the hearts of Jogjakartans. 🙂

But that was not the matter. Maybe life is so damn difficult for most people here that they have set aside safety way too far. They take their whole family (daddy, mommy, and two or three kids) on a bike, without proper protection (five people on a bike, what kind of protection could that be???) What infuriates me and my friends is the fact that these destitute people are so intellectually deprived that in their position they felt rightful to have a child, and not just one, but two, three, … My stand is clear and simple. I can’t be less serious about it. Every child has the right to live in properness, and nothing less! I don’t mind calling people idiots with this regard. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

This morning I picked my daughter from her Sunday school. We were on a motorbike, of course. We stopped at the traffic lights. I saw a man in front of me, who carried his other 3 family members on his bike, staring at me through his mirror. I thought he thought he knew me because he was making an effort to smile at me. His wife also turned her head to look at me for a few seconds. I looked at them the way I look at any stranger who happens to pass before me. Maybe we had met at a certain point in the past, but I had also decided. No friends of mine are idiots.

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