You’re on earth, dang it!

It’s not easy to live, you think? Yesterday a student in my Drama class saw me after the class. That day we discussed The Bald Soprano and Absurdism. Mechanical language, puppet-like characters, “plotless” ness… Then that student asked, how meaninglessness in Absurdism is different from that of Nihilism. The answer shouldn’t have been too complex.

Besides that there’s no such movement as Nihilism in the theatre history (well, none that I know of! Ha!), I should take a look at myself – the whole thing about ‘it’. One’s accessories are extension of herself. Respectively, Absurdism is me. One is stuck, floating, lost… but one manages to journey on without whimpering too much. How funny is unhappiness – that kind of thing. Longing, longing, waiting, probably until the end.

But things do get terribly ugly sometimes. And when you’re alone and lonely, darkness becomes you way too easily. You’re alone but you’re not alone. Unluckily, you’re lucky. You distrust life as much you distrust hell. Oh well. You’re still here, aren’t you? Are you gonna lie that good things don’t happen to you? Although, perhaps, they don’t stop bad things to happen either.

Whatever. I’m still around to watch MU vs. Aston Villa tonight. Oh, how worrying!

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