theatre of the absurd – 2

two stupid women in a stupid conversation on a bike
one with breasts hard from breast-feeding,
the other with newspaper headlines stuffed in her bra
you know the problem with you is that you know too much
the one in pain tells the other one
who instantly remembers Jack, who
was born when he was fourteen

she chews her bubble gum wrapper,
feeling ticklish in her upper-middle part,
but suddenly remembers where her lost pen really is
all I care is to be with money
to travel to Alaska and eat those poison weeds
but i don’t know where I am going
she doesn’t know where she’s headed

she needs to be with her baby soon but
the other one wants to touch her alien baby,
to rip up the agony of maternity and mommy-hood
it’s all insane, when one cannot even buy gasoline,
she’s barely, barely chronometrable!
the problem with you is your clogged ears
one says to the other (don’t matter which)
the brain should be minced well
the head should tilt, equally well

if they’re lucky, the next thing that’ll come in their way
is a cargo truck full of Christmas presents
if anything happens to their heads,
like brain knockout or sumthin,
they’ll be on the track to happyness

stupid is pretty clever these days
(meanwhile, they’re wet, sticky, and smell like

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