Oh…. My love…. My darling…. (Hantu!!!)

Some time last year I met this smart guy who told me about his experiences of seeing supernatural beings. He said, “Everybody thinks I’m a highly rational person. And I am. It drives people crazy sometimes. I will not take anything as truth until it’s well verified.” He meant he wouldn’t believe if he didn’t see.

But what’s new about ghosts? I don’t see supernatural beings, yet I believe they exist. And like that guy , I believe I also rely on logic most of the time (and this has driven some people away from me too!) Some people in my family (mom, bro, grandpa, cousins) had or have that sixth sense or whatever they call it. Some friends from various circles told me a similar thing. Some professors and students in my university, too. My point is, I don’t think the experience of seeing ghosts has anything to do with one’s intellectual capacity at all. Those people happen to be in the same “frequency” those ghosts are when they “see” them – that’s according some sources that I read and watched on Discovery Channel.

This morning, again, I read a case of possessed school children on paper. To me, it’s not a matter of whether it’s real or not. It’s as real as the sun shines. One has to be in a certain condition to be possessed (the frequency, energy, whatever…), a condition that I always lack (thank God). Though I’m not inclined to supernatural things, I’m pretty curious to find out why this phenomenon happens quite a lot in this community, and perhaps not in others.

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