Just a cause

The tyranny of good and harmony happened to me at workplace. The good is not always good along the way – in fact I am sick to the stomach with all of this bullshit they bragged about loyalty. I am not committed to any unrewarded dedication: “show me your worth and I’ll pay you later,” that kind of thing in a professional world. Eeeew… Call me pain in the ass, but I’m not in a position to show myself anymore. I’ve done that part. It might be hard to believe how some leaders demand their subjects’ obedience and responsibility while disregarding their rights. I’ll tell you, it is really not surprising. Stupid is everywhere around me. Or, perhaps it’s not the case of stupidity. Oh no. It’s cultural! Right! Here, it’s culturally embarrassing to talk about one’s rights. Discussing number or getting a promotion (not to mention by a woman, mind you!) is taboo. I made it clear: slavery was against human rights! (of course, that wasn’t my exact expression 🙂 )

I gave them hard time, I know. I’ve got the feeling that we’re losing each other. Neat.

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