8:09 or what’s new?

It’s been a while. I’m lame, I know. The new semester has begun and my body feels like an old machine being used again for a mass production after a long absence. Going to bed early is a luxury that I can hardly escape, if I can at all (the only thing that can keep me awake after 10 pm lately is any MU vs. so and so team live on TV!).

What’s new? I recently watched Atonement but I don’t feel like commenting on it (Alright, 4 out of 5 stars from me!) I’m halfway finishing Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. This “not-easily-impressed”complex attacked me early enough, it’s so tempting to leave the novel under my bed and forget about it. But I will finish it, anyway. What else? Oh, I’m going to write. A story, or something like that.

What’s new? My friend Marnie gave birth to a cute baby son. Sooner than we all thought. Marcel is his name. Can’t wait to see if he’s anything like his mom when he’s older. I hope not. hehe

I’m lame, enough said.

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