One fine day yesterday, … and today!

I’m having a cold, so the horoscope today made a huge mistake about my health condition. But it was right about other things: my sense of humor and spirit were soaring in their highest level today. I went to campus – it was already in its holiday mood. I kept sneezing and having a runny nose, but it didn’t stop me from poking fun of some unlucky students and colleagues of mine. As long as everyone’s happy, why not? Not to mention the extra money I got for teaching at the pharmacy dept. Hurray! I was thinking of Bali for a vacation next January. And some bapak-bapak genit in the PBI common room made a request if they could come along to see me in bikini. Why not? I’m generous, am I not? Yeah, like they can afford going to Bali! And I’m not talking finance-wise. Their break will end on January 2 next year, while mine… 2 weeks after that. Cantik!!!

But, as a matter a fact, it’s hard to keep up your gaiety when you’re sick. And hungry. Because that’s what happened next at home. I was so ready to swear at everybody when, miraculously enough, my little girl saved me. She brought me food with a smile on her face… that little angel of mine!

Olga and mom

Another surprise that I should add here: Olga gave me a pretty drawing of her and me this morning. Sooo… it’s a mother’s day today! Selamat hari ibu!!!