lame game

i catch your eyes
catching mine
was it the words
coming out from
my mouth?
was it my mouth –
which moves at my
brain’s command?
was it my white lace?
or my curls?

i say things you pretend
you can say back
you spell formulaic words
you think i want to hear

“i’m all yours from now on,”
said you. ah, you!
“what should i say, thank you?”
you laugh uneasy laughs
you can’t lie better,
can you?
may i shrug it off
my shoulders?
this is too predictable
this is too sweet
this is so you-people

one of these days
i’ll stop passing judgments
i’ll come towards you
i will touch you

the hell with angry glares
we’ll break nothing –
no need to fret
my want of you is strictly
limited. our rent is
almost due

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