my ride

this way to get to my van
it’s messy i hope you don’t mind
what sports do you do?
i’ll teach you racquetball one of these days
yes, i’ll be a good teacher for you
we’ll go to my place on wednesday
rehearse in my garage
we can get something to drink
after that
i’ll pick you up,
i’ll get you home
you’re from india, am i wrong?
so what’s your plan?
do you have a boyfriend?
oh, i’m sorry
yes, i do have a girlfriend
we’ve been dating for four years
she’s been asking me to marry her
but i’m holding back
married-folks-stop-being-cool club?
movies’ll be great
let’s do that
i’m glad i’m taking you home
you know i can take you every day
just give me a holler if you need me
you don’t go to campus every day?
well, catch you later, agnes!

wind! wind! wind!

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