to R

this should sound
truthful to you
i do have doubts
on the so called


it’s a big thing
you’re taking
not all could
or would

see how we really
do have to forget
about big bro Adam
and take “it”
[sometimes i want to
jump into his head,
really, to see this
yippieyay kid who
rules his world]

i wish you
although i myself
am struggling
to see what it means
with my already
blurred sight
i hope you see it
with more clarity –
you and your

what else can a sis do?
and i’m so far away
not even able to
send Marvel comics
you love so much
[you, kid!] as a gift
by the way,
what does she say
about this fetish
of yours?

send my love to mom –
yea, she’s my mom too
and lil bro Rocky
who’s so big, cool, and
smelling so good

what a family we have
what would you tell your
wife and kids about it all?
when you get stuck in
the amputated notions of
normalcy as we do
at certain points? times
when you make yourself
an unheroic bastard?

our family legacy

fear not
it’s less tough for us
than it was for them
to navigate a tragedy
[as it sometimes is a
comedy in three acts
we should be good at
by now]

this is a gift from your
embittered sister
who still dreams a lot
[oh yea!]
she, whose marriage is
in a vacuum,
whose crazy tendencies
often entangle her,
still walks with a
slingbag stuffed with

believe me

and yes, this is a
gothic wedding wish
[longing for a light]
for both of you

have a happy [?mysterious?] marriage, bro!!!

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